Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meggan & Eric - June 7, 2008

If the saying is true about rain being good luck on your wedding day, then Meggan & Eric should have enough luck to last a lifetime. Despite the weather, Meggan & Eric had an amazing day. Congratulations!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Audrey Z.

It was July 3, 2007 & I walked into Colleen's parents' house just as I had almost every year for the fifteen years that preceded. It was tradition as the Fitz's live closest to the fireworks display the village puts on every year. I approached Colleen & her husband Mark, who were sitting in the living room watching a sox game & I put my bag down. "What's in the bag?", asked Colleen. "Citron!" I exclaimed with a slur in my speech & a smile on my face "Do you want some?". She smiled & simply stated "I can't". I screamed with delight because I knew that was her way of telling me she was pregnant.
Here we are almost a year later & baby Audrey is with us now too. In less than a month she'll see her very first fireworks & the Z's will start traditions of their very own. Congratulations Colleen & Mark. Audrey is an amazing, wonderful, beautiful baby! I love you!